About The Author

A’sista Storey is a Non-Fiction Author who writes about the traumatic event that happened to her as a child. Because of that her identity will not be disclosed nor the individuals who were involved in the actual events. At the age of 16, she was diagnosed with PTSD. As a result she suffered mentally coping with the memories that repeatedly played in her head. Part of the pieces written are memories that come up. Although they may be memories from a life 20 years ago. To her it us as if she is there today. Writing is her great escape! The stories you may read are heart brokenly tragic. The reality is she is not the only one she is just one out of the many who have decided to come forth and tell he story while going back in her mind.

She also is a cultural blogger who writes anything from short stories, poems, to storytelling.

Unlike many who were slaves to there trauma. She has conquered the very think that was set to destroy her and risen from the Ashes like a Phoenix.