My grandma was a man beater

She wasn’t shit

She taught her daughter’s to be whores

They all left their husbands

She had one son

She turned him into a punk

My uncle has AIDS

He’s been a crack addict for over 20 years

He’s a faggot but only when he’s high

He was raped by our cousin as a child

My dad was in the Marines

He tells me stories about how they tortured him

He said they injected with a virus

He was diagnosed with a disease only found in white men

He was a crackhead

He tells me he feels like a pussy knowing what he knows about a system he thinks he can’t beat

He has seen many things

He’s wise

He is so smart yet he is dumb

America made him weak

He fell in love and wifed a hoe

She is my mom

He hoped I wouldn’t turn out like her

He’s an alcoholic now

He calls me every now and again drunk apologizing

I tell him it’s ok

He’s my knight and Shining Armour

He can never do any wrong

My mom hates that

He calls me his lady bug

She was his pretty ma

She loved him because he was the biggest dope dealer

He just wanted her to stay in the house and rear children

He bought her a house

But he mother told her not to go and encouraged her fuck another nigga

She set him up to get robbed

he went to prison

They got divorced

I thought that all kids dad’s went to prison

Because it was so common where I was from

She told him he was leaving

He shot up the club

When she tried to take me away

She got pregnant named another man’s baby after my dad

He accepted who she was and stayed

But you can’t turn a hoe Into a houswife

My mom been fuckin since she was 13

Her sister was raped in a bed while she lie next to her

Her mom’s boyfriend use to fuck on her and got her pregnant

He’s the second oldest of the five children

She has 5 kids

By 5 different niggas

She fucked every nigga who smiled at her

She’d have a nigga running out the back

When her nigga came home

Her nigga brought his kids home one day

They fucked me

It started when I was 3 until I got pregnant when I was 12

They made my brothers have sex with me

And me perform oral sex on them

It scarred two of us

My little others an addict

He’s the one my mom named after my dad

He’s the only one who seen his biological dad

But no one knew when his dad came to pick him up

He took him to the crack houses while he got high

I grew up lost

When I was child

She’d wake us up for school

She’d have blood on her face

Blood on the walls

Broken glass on the floor

Holes in the walls

Her nigga

My son’s grandpa

He used to whoop her ass

My little brother is an addict

No one understands why but me

He smokes to block out the memories of our childhood

He’s smart

Very talented

A young black male

With no felonies

But his mind is gone

My second oldest brother is in prison

He went to prison for murder

He has always been a hood nigga

He a bright nigga  

A pretty boy

All my friends wanted to fuck him

But he was a Savage

He hustled

We hustled

I set niggas up in hotels

I hit my brother up

He’d come threw with his niggas

Dressed in all black

And they’d take everything the nigga had

I never asked for a cut

I just let him do his thang

He helped me raise my son

We protected my little brothers

From my moms boyfriend’s

We put that heat in they life

We seen

And went through the most

That’s why we are inseparable

Two peas in a pod

Like Peanut butter and Jelly

I call him my Yellow Monkey

Aka Big Bruh

He has two kids in foster care

He had babies by a dog ass white bitch

She had the first baby when she was 14

My brothers and his friends ran a train on her

But he nutted in the bitch

His daughter is his twin

His son is too

My oldest brother hated himself

He hated the color of his skin

His big lips

His Big nose

All his friends were white

He was hardly home

My aunts took him in

He start wearing skinny jeans

Pierced his lip

Wore tight shirts

I thought he was gay

I cried to my mom

Saying I don’t want a gay brother

I didn’t wanna be teased

I didn’t want him to be teased

Because I was gonna have fight

No one could touch my brothers

And not get it

I always thought he was ashamed of us

But in reality

He seen just as much as we did

Or more

He’s wise

He had a baby a nearly 30

By a dog too

I wanted to Rock the bitch once I found out she was coming out her body

On some come to your parents house type shit

My baby brother

He was the baby

Chubby cheeks

Chunky something

I gave him lots of kisses

He was my real life baby doll

He was sensitive

He was overweight

Never wanted to eat at school

But he snook food at home

We called him fat

He’d cry

He has a baby

Turned into a dope boy

Chronic weed smoker

Told me he’d fuck any nigga up

That fucked with me

He loved me

I was his big little sister

He’d kill for me

I believed him

I remember the day he stepped to my mom

I felt sorry for her

I remember the day he got too strong for me to beat up on

Lol, we still joke about it

He was a great artist

I stole his artwork from my mom

I thought she didn’t deserve it

She was never his mom

He doesn’t even like her

She dropped out of college

But he has always worked

He slangs too

He just had a baby

Who is his twin

For his seed

There’s not a bitch or nigga he wouldn’t slaughter

I had my son At 13

I wasn’t ready

But I kept him

The day I brought him from the hospital I couldn’t even get out the care

I was crying

I thought I was dreaming

That God was punishing me

But he always had what he needed

The best of everything

We have a strong bond

He loves me

I love him

But when I look at him

I see my rapist

His dad

I can’t express that pain

Even if I cut my wrist a million times

My husband

He turned a hoe into a housewife

I caused him a lot of pain and grief

But he never stopped believing in me though

I thought I found love before

But never liked this

He never asked me for anything

Just to be a helpmeet so we can live while in captivity

It’s been 3 years I’m just now blossoming

I wish I had been a better wife

But I just began to understand that we deserve to live

I hope he can forgive me

I’m the biggest freak

But in bed I clam up

See when I was in the world

Sex was just my hustle

So I did what I needed to do

But in my marriage I treat it like it’s a sin

Who’d think I’d be so damaged that inside I die Everytime he touches me

I use to get mad and leave

Now I’m racing to get back home

From here on out

A bitch can leave but we gone be alright

We are damaged goods

We were left out in the sun too long

And rotted like meat


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