Damaged Goods

We were left out in the sun too long

We are rotted meat

We were the ones no one loved

So we grew up not knowing how to love

Putting our trust in surviving

Because surviving is what we knew how to do best

Why us?

Why did we deserve to be violated as a child

Why were we chosen to have crackheads for Father’s

Why were we given an option out

There was a time drugs cured our sorrow

Where a sip out of a half pint turned into liters

Liters turned into waking up still feeling slapped

Sex was a hustle

I did it to get it over with

But when I got married I felt my rapist bodyweight press against me

To kiss him meant to say I loved him

To tell my story meant to expose myself

To reopen wounds before they are clearly healed

I wore my pain on my arms

I carved I’m done

I’ve been done for 12 years

But I’m still here

My baby is still breathing

I pray TMH takes hold of him

I hope I make it

I think me and you deserve better

We deserve more than drunk days, memories of the worst days of our life replaying in our head

We deserve to live

We deserve to live so much that if a bitch leave

We gone be alright

Our pain is the same

So, will you share your pain with me?

I promise to share my pain with you

So all the money spent, late nights doing homework, arguments, tired and sore feet

It’ll all be worth it

For a moment of heaven during a beautiful nightmare

Rise up

Rise up against the odds

Know your better

Believe your better

Know your more qualified because your a go getter

You’ll do whatever it take to get the job done

Behind every great man there has to be a virtuous woman

Sometimes you’re not meant to be Happy

Sometimes you’re meant to be great

We’ve lost friends, family, children, our lives, money, material things

We’ve been in bondage even outside prison walls

So now that we know that we have been stripped

Stripped from everything

How much hungrier are you?

Don’t you know I understand you

I know what you need

I can be what you need

So, will you share your pain with me?

I use to think maybe just a few kids

Maybe it just wasn’t my time

But time?

How much time do we actually have

Well I have learned that patience allows time to pass silently

I’m the foundation of a great woman

Waiting to built

Brick by brick

Representation of levels

But i can not build my own house

I have the basics but I need more

So I will give you the oil pastels

You paint me to be what you want…

I’m your reflection

under the stars and In still waters….


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