A New Woman

A New Woman

Just because I was a mom at 13 doesn’t mean I’m a whore

It does not mean I let every boy enter my bedroom door

I am not that same scared little girl

I’m not that lesbian who was emotionally damaged

I’m not the mother who wanted to take her life and not leave her child behind

I’m not that prostitute who sells her body just to survive

I’m not the freak who went all in on a pill

I’m not the drug addict who got high just to have relations with women

I’m not what he tried to make me out to be

I am not him

I am not my abuser

I am the survivor who chose to live instead

Today I am living

I chose to live and not die

I am the mental health patient who chose to ride the wave

I am the woman who thinks before foolish words leave her mouth

I am the wife who is obedient to her husband

I am the sister who treats her family with kindness

I am the mother who instructs her children

I am the mother who let’s her children live

I am the daughter my parents are not ashamed of

I am not a victim

I am not my abuser

I am not a drug addict

I am not a prostitute

I am not a coward

I am not a murder

I am a beautiful daughter of Zion made in her husband’s image


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