Words she never told: Black Girl Lost (Part II)

​    I remember stealing. I was cold at it too. Whatever I seen or you had I took it.
    My first time was with white chick my brother dated but she belonged to everyone. All the niggas at school, immediate family, long lost family, and in laws fucked. I remember this time she busted down in a suburban they got from a cluck who pawned it for crack. She even got a trains ran on her. Enough about her though, this my story. This is my story.
Shorty introduced me to stealing from stores, bath and body works, target, and Kmart. It was small stuff, nothing big just lip stick, glosses, lotions, etc. Then my cousin taught me how to steal clothes. On a regular we hit up all the department stores in our area. After a while we had to chill on it- it got too hot. Later on, her mom had a friend who worked in the bra department she would just remove the sensors on most and we paid for maybe two or three items. Eventually the woman got caught and and she snitched. I only did it once, so I wasn’t even around at the time.
    There were times I stole everything from the store, food, diapers, tissue, lotion, house essentials, shoes, and clothes. Once I had my mom take me to Rue 21 I stole a variety of colored skinny jeans. Well I didn’t know there were two sensors on the jeans. They had one at top and the end of the pants. Well I stuffed them in a purse I stole from across the street. I went to walk out the store and hit the door and the alarm went off (beep beep beep). I froze and just knew my ass was about to go to juvi. The woman, she was black, asked to look in my purse. I just knew i looked guilty but I went ahead and I opened it. I begged her please please, I begged her not to turn me into the police. She said I’ma call my supervisor and you go, run, leave, and don’t ever come back. I got caught but for them following weeks I was fly as fuck at school!
    I did go back but this time I had money I’d spend $100 on just one complete outfit. My nigga at the time who was like 26 I was 17 he got whatever he wanted and some he was “boo”. But he was possessive as hell. He use to beat me and drag me out his car. Once he tried to run us off the road on the e-way. When he pissed me off I use to threaten him with jail time, you know statutory rape, I was a minor. Although, I told my mom he was 20/21. Well after my mom and brothers found out he was beaten my ass we no longer dated each other. My big bro brought that heat and lit his ass up!
    Before “G” I had a fine as red bone nigga who wanted me, they called him Red. I called him my green eyed devil. Red use to have me keep his dope in my cleavage when we road around town. I use to cut and weigh his dope. I use to steal dope from my momma to give to him occasionally. He got me to do what ever he wanted. He whooped my ass too, but that nigga broke bread something serious. Them bands he bopped on me made up for it.
    Later after some years past, he came into my job. I started shaking and dropped the cup I was holding and soda spilled everywhere. Man my heart was beating so damn fast It was like I seen a ghost. He had that kinda power over me.

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