Words she never said: Black Girl Lost (Part 1)

There was a time we had everything. A house in the slums but inside it was full of trinkets and treasures. Compared to others around us we lived comfortably. We had all Riordan’s sometimes even matching pairs between me and my siblings. I remember coming home from school with brand new clothes laid on my bed a cluck boosted for dope. About 5-8 complete outfits at a time.

Along with the trinkets and treasures there was a lot of pain and sorrow. Crack smoke that filled our living & dining room from the basement that came through the vents. At night when everyone was sound a sleep there was a little girl being raped in her bed. That wasn’t all of her problems. During the day her mom would beat her black and blue til she never her to stop. She was hit with pans, extension cords, fist, whatever was in sight and called bitches and whatever other derogatory name that came to mind at that time.

She was just a kid. 13 to be exact. She just turned 13. She use to just wanna play with the few friends she had and play. She was always teased as a kid for my weight. She had breast at 7 and an ass too. She been built like a grown woman since elementary. During the summer of her 7th birthday her hips begin to spread. As she got older her family became more poor compared everyone else. Sometimes they had no electricity so they lit their house with candles. Sometimes no water either, so they went and filled their empty milk jugs with water from their neighbors. There was one time we had water in one of those huge storage totes-it was green. They’d fill our cups up with water and poured it on their toothbrush to be in and to rinse.

…..to be continued


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