Black Girl Lost: Strong Black Queen

A black woman’s struggle

Spending all of your time today preparing for tomorrow. Missing the time with your child because your slaving for “the man” all day. They grow up so fast you can’t enjoy it, Its like your the absent parent. Food stamps only buy you enough groceries til the middle of the month. Sometimes you want dessert and more than a meat sandwich and noodles. Your still trying to pick up the slack of where your parents left off. Your trying to be everyone’s everything. They don’t know everyday you come home your rushing to put dinner together from three items in your cabinet. You find time to write everyone locked up giving them hope. How bad your feet, back, and neck hurt. Trying to raise a black male in America with no day to day physical guidance. Every night you end it with prayers before you crawl onto your pallet on the floor. Meanwhile your son, your son is like can i sleep with you, my bed hurts. The springs hurt my back. The next day walking 2-5 miles to and from your slavery. standing on your feet the whole 8/12 hours because you can’t afford to take breaks. But still you smile. Find time to day dream on the way home. Encourage those around you. Put your plans into your actions. Every one thinks she’s a super hero. #Superwoman to be exact.

Truth is she’s trying to make it in the white mans world by leading by example.



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