Black Girl Lost: A’Sistas Story

I was runnin’

I was runnin’ for my life. I was a runner, nomad, traveler. What ever swayed me the most I went along with it and where ever the wind blew me I landed. I went from one home to another, city to city, and state to state searching for happiness and a piece of success. I just needed something to make me feel good, I just wanted to feel good.

I came from a family full of runners. Uncles, Aunts, Parents, Siblings, and so on. They all ran from whatever was displeasing to them.

Our Society teaches us to run by using drugs, sex, and money to cure our issues. But when your in that lonely cell, or contemplating suicide because that void you need filled hasn’t been touched a lick, what do you do?

I tried it all, searched and searched til I found what I needed. I need nothing but the Most High and his word.

Everyday I am learning something new about myself, falling in love with myself! I have learned no matter where you go and what you are doing if you aren’t mentally stable and have The Lord on your side you will FAIL! It wasn’t the ideas so much that swayed me, but the wavering with myself. The War within myself!

I was runnin’, runnin for my life. I tripped and ran into Myself, then a war broke out– I AM A’sista Storey!!!


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